Our NMS supports various monitoring protocols including all versions of SNMP, ICMP, and so much more.

A Network Monitoring System must have some key functionalities. It must be able to do more than just discover devices. When your system is able to accommodate your needs that is when it becomes worth investing in.

Our services will help you administer and monitor network faults. It will also help identify performance degradation and will help you with several other functions such as reduced downtime, increased availability, and taking proactive solutions to fix network services.

Our monitoring system ensures your server is capable of hosting your applications. We help you track several parameters such as traffic, utilization, and the number of packets sent/received within the network interface to optimize its performance.

Dynamic Dashboard

We provide a single panel where you can view and assess different parameters such as CPU, Memory, Link status, Bandwidth, Errors, and Losses for network devices in the form of an extensive graph.

Discovery and Provisioning

The system we provide contains an advanced provisioning system allowing you to add devices to the management system. You simply have to submit a list of the IP addresses and the process will occur automatically.

Service Monitoring

NMS also contains an advanced provisioning system to add devices to the management system. The service monitoring will be automated as well and you can also add devices to the system.

Data Collection

With our system, data can be collected, stored, graphed, and checked against several thresholds as per your requirement.

Correlation Engine

The correlation engine will help you do complex workflow and process events as well. Thus, you will get to correlate events.

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