What is FreeSWITCH ?

FreeSWITCH is a robust and highly scalable VoIP technology. It allows you to build the most excellent telephony solutions. Known for its versatility, the platform is known for its stack-enabled solutions that are used to build digital communication services. FreeSWITCH can unlock the telecommunication power of any device and allow you to experience the true potential of a system.

How Code Inbound Can Help?

At Code Inbound, we can help you build the most powerful and distinguished telephony platforms. These platforms are not only robust but are developed to ensure complete security. We hold years of experience in managing the best VoIP platforms developed using FreeSWITCH.

Our development team has developed diversified VoIP solutions for a range of industries. You will get the best quality that will meet your enterprise communication needs. We are proficient in building multi-tenant VoIP solutions using FreeSWITCH.

You can use our specialized services to streamline the communication of your organization and boost efficiency. Our services are not just limited to delivery, but we also offer after-sales support so you can learn to use your custom VoIP solution productively.

Our Excellent FreeSWITCH Services

Custom Development

Now you can get the most intricate and user-friendly solutions integrated with custom features to meet your business requirements. Here, we understand the custom needs of your business and design a personalized FreeSWITCH solution to meet your specific requirements.

FreeSwitch Consultancy

If you are not sure about what exactly you need, you can use our FreeSWITCH consultation services to figure it out. Our experts will understand your needs and devise a checklist to help you harness the true power of FreeSWITCH.

Call Script Development

You can also add a missing feature to your existing VoIP solution. Use our services to add functionality or gain better control over existing features with our FreeSWITCH call script development.

Dial Plan Programming

With our exceptional services, you can systemize your call routing mechanism. Our service lets you bridge call legs and executes a custom dial plan with the most streamlined dial plan programming.

Support & Maintenance

We can assist you to enjoy the power of your FreeSWITCH-based system at all times. Our experts possess the best skills to help keep your system up-to-date and ensure your systems are performing seamlessly.

High Availability & Cluster Setup

With our FreeSWITCH setup, you will be able to run a seamless calling business and ensure maximum availability. Our High availability and cluster set-up let you meet your goals and scale your business in the industry.

Conferencing Solution

You will be able to take advantage of HD audio and video conferencing even with hundreds of participants on the same call.

E-faxing solution

With our solutions, you can now digitize your faxing operations. Enjoy the benefits of flexible faxing using a robust FoIP (Fax over IP) solution.

Calling card solution

Use our feature-rich VoIP calling card solution and scale your business with a reliable system on your side.

Multi-Tenant PBX

Support Multiple Clients by using our Multi-Tenant FreeSwitch solution wrapped to provide reliable and user friendly experience.

IVR solution

Auto-attending and greeting your customers is now possible with our comprehensive IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

Broadcasting solution

Our feature-rich broadcasting solution allows you to send alerts, notifications, updates and reminder calls, and SMS without manual interference.

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