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Switch to Efficient Cost

Migrating to AWS means not worrying about infrastructure costs. You will be able to focus on running your company efficiently and effectively. With AWS solutions, you don’t have to spend millions of bucks to install, configure, and run on-premise servers

  • Pay for the Resources that you use.
  • With Serverless architecture, pay for only for executions
  • Scale up and Scale in on demand for handling load and minizing costs
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Reserve Instances for Reduced Pricing
Upto 99.9 % SLA

Unbeatable Uptime

Switch to AWS solutions and say goodbye to downtime. With AWS, you will have digital solutions, and you can reduce the downtime caused by on-premise servers. You can improve the productivity of your business with this switch and leverage the power of maximum uptime.

  • Seamless Upgrade without Downtime
  • High availability via Geo or Zone Redundancy
  • Automated Backups & Snapshots for Node Recovery
  • 99.7 % Composite SLA Guarenteed
Prevent . Detect . Monitor . Respond

Security & Resilience

Research suggests that lack of environment security costs companies millions of bucks every year due to hacking and network intrusion. Switching to AWS means your company will operate on a secure and robust platform. The migration will not only streamline your testing but will improve security at every level

  • Automated Notifications on vulenerable system
  • With automated process , respond to intrusion incidents
  • Monitor with ingest services like logging to detect security issues in real time.
Upto 99.9 % SLA

Scale On-Demand

The flexibility offered by AWS is the key to increasing scalability. AWS enables organizations to scale at their preferred pace. You will face no limitations, and you can add resources according to your needs and goals. It is the perfect infrastructure for companies who want a scalable IT infrastructure.

  • Scale up and Scale down based on demand in real time.
  • Autoscaling Group with Rules for Scaling Management
  • Scale Vertically or Horizontally
  • Use Serverless Scaling to

DevOps Competency

Code Inbound is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps competency partner. With us, you can experience a wide range of AWS IT implementation and development solutions. Now you can leverage the power of our AWS DevOps to become more agile.

SaaS Competency

We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS competency partner. We design and build SaaS enablement services on AWS by managing the deployment and lifecycle of applications on the cloud.

Networking Competency

We are also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking competency partner. Our range of services is validated against AWS best practices for well-architected networks by the most experienced networking experts of AWS.

This is what we do and we do it perfectly.

Please take a look at the range of IT solution services we offer to your brand as a full-service leading marketing agency.

Network Security

At Code Inbound, we focus on security. Our services are designed to provide maximum security to clients. The networks are secured on every level with the best measures that exist in the market. Your sensitive data will remain secure on the cloud, and we ensure that only authorized personnel can access your information.

Vulnerability Scanner

Every system contains vulnerabilities, and it is our job to identify and fix them. Our experienced team will conduct several tests to identify holes in your security and take the best measures to fix them. We ensure maximum protection on all fronts to boost the overall security of your organization.

Monitoring with Cloud Watch

Upgrades and updates can leave your system vulnerable. We offer constant monitoring to ensure your systems are always checked by a professional. Monitoring the cloud allows us to detect vulnerabilities at the earliest and fix them before they cause any damage.

DDOS Protection

When you go digital, the fear of being attacked increases. But with us, you never have to worry about being attacked. Our specialized team is prepared for everything and will ensure that you never have to face downtime.

Smart strategy & excellent performance

Our tested process will bring productivity and efficiency to your business

Requirement Analysis

Our process begins with an analysis of your requirements. Our team will review your needs and business to devise a comprehensive plan personalized just for you. We understand your needs are unique, and so will our process.

Solution Planning

Once we have collected all the necessary information by analyzing it, we start planning a solution to meet your needs and requirements.

Application Design

Our services will cover both your front-end and back-end needs. You share the design you want, and our professional developers will create a roadmap to bring your vision to life.


The process doesn’t end at development. At Code Inbound, we want to ensure you get the best service. All designs we create are tested for quality to ensure the code is perfect at the backend, and the design seamless at the front.

QA (Quality Analysis)

Engage with the idea of really being there. Step Three: Imagine that a few more steps ahead there is a place where the path splits, where is goes off to the left and off to the right. Pause here for a few moments and have a think.


Once our designs and products surpass our expectations, we bring you in! You will get to see and test our work in real time. Once you are satisfied with the design, we make the delivery.


We are in it for the long term, and our relationship does not end at delivery. You can contact us anytime with queries and questions. Our support team will be there for you to help you with everything after the delivery.

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