Why use Code Inbound's SBC Solution to Secure your VOIP System ?

All of our solutions are always designed to remove dependency on vendors and simplify your internal infrastructure to boost efficiency and productivity. Effective SBC is required on every VoIP network, and with our solution, we aim to reduce the complexity of the process. You can rely on us to provide the most simplified solutions with varied hardware and software options.

Our wide range of services provides impeccable platforms for enterprises and service providers. We facilitate secured voice and non-voice communication to improve connectivity across all departments. Our personalized solutions are designed to deliver uninterrupted services by leveraging highly advanced mechanisms built with real-time dynamic elasticity.

Our SBC solutions connect between UC, connect center, and SIP trunk services to support your specific enterprise's needs. The solutions also make migration easier and safer while protecting you from fraud and malicious attacks. With CodeInbound you not only get access to the best hardware and software but maximum connectivity that will help take your business to the next level.

Precedence that Our SBC Solution Provides

Improved Security

Our SBC solution is capable of monitoring your traffic. The solution lends you maximum protection against threats such as DDoS attacks. You will also get additional features such as continual patches that add an extra layer of protection to your business.

Threat Mitigation

The SBC solution we provide can use pattern recognition. This technology allows it to flag any unusual activity and detects issues within your system and enterprise.

Better Connectivity

With our solution, you will get stable connectivity. Since our solution allows multiple protocols to communicate with each other, you will face no issue or lag in communication.


We normalize SIP types with this technology and ensure all calls are connected without interruption. Thus, you can rely on this system for maximum performance.

On-Demand Scale

Our range of products helps you add both connectivity and security to your enterprise making it easier to scale it for better revenue generation.

Long Term Support

With all our products comes on-demand 24/7 support for any issues that you may encounter. Support is covered by only certified engineers and staff

Media Services

At Code Inbound, we offer SBCs that provide digital signal processors. These solutions enable border-based media control services including media transcoding, data interworking, and dual-tone multifrequency relay interworking


Our SBCs work with both IPv4 and IPv6 internetworking. This allows them to work on both virtual private networks and network address translations.

Resource Allocation

With our SBC, you can allocate resources to a specific user. You can prioritize signals over media to ensure none of your calls face issues.

Call Admission Control

Our SBC solution also gives you control to guard yourself with call admission control policies. This allows our system to distinguish between suspicious activity and only permits the flow of authenticated traffic.

Why Choose Code Inbound's SBC Solution?

Dedicated Support

With us, you not only get access to the best SBC solution but exceptional support as well. We house some of the most qualified team members who will help you leverage the full power of our SBC solution.


At CodeInbound we believe in transparency. We ensure you are always kept in the loop. Our team will assess your specific needs and recommend the best solutions that are simply your communication model.


All of our solutions are designed for scalability. Adding them to your enterprise will mean seamless control that will result in utmost efficiency, productivity, and improved security.

SBC Solution Currently Secure Many VOIP Systems .

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