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Migrate to Azure,AWS, DO or GCP with Code Inbound's Cloud Migration Service

Our company provides the most comprehensive cloud migration services to help you take your business to the next level. With us, you will see tremendous benefits of cloud migration and will be able to transform your business digitally. Our experts will help you select the best providers and optimize your IT infrastructure with utmost accuracy.

At Code Inbound, we ensure you get maximum benefits. This is why our services and processes are designed to meet your custom needs. We provide expert assistance with both migration and modernization initiatives enabling you to see the full impact while moving to the cloud. Our services are meant to help you with critical steps and help you reach your goals faster.

Benefits of Our Cloud Migration Services

Application Migration

We evaluate your goals and help adopt the best-fit approach including Rehost, Refactor, Re Architect, and Rebuild.

Infrastructure Migration

Our team will build an optimal cloud infrastructure that will serve as a foundation to boost scalability, availability, agility, and security.

Storage Migration

With our help, you can seamlessly migrate data to the cloud. Our team ensures zero security lapses and ensures no data is lost during the process.

No Business Disruptions

Migrating to the cloud does not mean you have to lose business. With our services, you can maintain a standard customer experience even during the migration process. Our team can handle critical workloads ensuring everything is completed on time and within budget.

Best Practices Adherence

Our team consists of several certified cloud practitioners with years of experience in managing complex projects. We ensure adherence to industry stands and best practices such as network optimization, automation, deploying governed frameworks, and monitoring benchmarks.

Faster Turnarounds

Our solutions and frameworks are designed to meet your needs and tested to give you the best results. Since we customize the frameworks, the setup process is quicker and you will experience minimum operational overheads.

Personalized Management

At CodeInbound, the solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. You will receive specialized training from our professional team to increase awareness about the solution. You will have access to various helpful resources and the support of a specialized team to help you at every step.


Cloud migration is not easy, and many clients are worried about data loss. This is why we follow government standards and best practices to give you a secure solution to maximize your business reach. Our frameworks meet all necessary compliance and you will have a high-performing and secure network.

Simplified Infrastructure

Our cloud solutions will simplify your infrastructure management. Migrating to the cloud will allow you to automate most of your management process and set up practices while tracking key metrics. This will help your team focus on development initiatives and scale your business to the next level.

  • Effective Cost Saving on the Solution from Day One
  • Simplified Management Process
  • Ensuring Best Practices
  • Ensuring Optimal Cloud Solution for the Scenario

Auto-Scaling Benefits

Our cloud platforms allow our clients to auto-scale. Thus, you will get a better handle on fluctuating demands. You can also keep everything in check to ensure there is no wastage of time, effort, and resources.

  • Dynamic Auto Scaling Rules to Optimize Scaling
  • Scaling Down Triggers to Save Cost
  • Micro-Service Based Scaling Solution
  • Ensuring Optimal Cloud Solution for the Scenario

Disaster Recovery

Our services will run your infrastructure as code. This will be exceptional in disaster recovery. Your infrastructure is stored as controlled templates and can be recovered according to your needs.

  • Multi-Region Deployment for High Availability
  • Automated Scheduled Backups to Secure Application Data
  • DevOps Automation to Preserve Infrastructure Integrity

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