We aim to provide the most comprehensive ITSM services to our clients.

Some of the top features of our service include

Incident Logging

The first step will be to report the identified incident. It can be done by end-users or hire agents to do it for them.

Incident Classification

The incidents are then segmented with appropriate categories and subcategories making them easier to identify by the right group and agent.

Incident Prioritization

The ticket will be assigned the right priority according to policy.

Investigation and Diagnosis

IT team will perform the initial analysis of the incident and send the resolution to the end-user.

Incident Resolution and Closure

The goal of the IT team is to resolve the incident as soon as possible. The team can also automate the process of closing resolved tickets.

Content Management

There are basically six key areas to higher achievement. Some people will tell you there are four while others may tell you there are eight.

  • We take inventory of your assets such as computers, printers, devices, phones, network equipment, etc
  • Creating a detailed view of assets with their connections and network ports.
  • Keeping a record of each asset modification.
  • Managing operating systems such as name, version, edition, kernel, and license
  • Timely installation and management of software
  • Managing internal components of your system.
  • Taking inventory of network components, and remote port connections such as IP address, MAC address, VLAN, network outlet, etc.

Service Assets & Configuration Management

The objective of SACM is to guarantee that the resources expected to convey administrations are appropriately controlled, and that exact and solid data about those resources is accessible when and here it is required. This data remembers subtleties for how the resources have been designed and the connections between them.

Problem Management

Capture the root cause behind unplanned disruptions in your infrastructure and business processes using a problem ticket.

  • You can easily close, change status, and communicate about an incident after it is resolved by a predefined condition.
  • Perform a root cause analysis and record its impact within the portal to monitor the progress.
  • Link problems to existing incidents, changes, or releases and plan ahead for downtime.
  • Create new solutions to your problems and attach links to workaround solutions for easy reference.
  • Follow progress until you find a valid solution

Knowledge Management

  • Proactive Problem Management - Preventing future incidents through trends and analysis of PIRs.
  • Reactive Problem Management - Tracking problems accurately by linking PIRs together and gauging issues.

Comprehensive Reports

  • You will have access to comprehensive reports and inventory that you can view graphically using several filters.
  • Access to 360-degree financial reports.
  • Find and filter your inventory as per your needs.

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