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Bringing Change With The Latest Tech

We have expertise in all technology stacks and can adapt your product to meet your users’ requirements and the market’s needs.

  • - Azure
  • - .Net Framework
  • - .Net Core
  • - Blazor
  • - NodeJS
  • - Angular
  • - React
  • - Vue.JS
  • - MySQL
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - MongoDB
  • - SQL Server
  • - Cosmos DB
  • - web2py
  • - Robot Framework
  • - CubicWeb
  • - Django
  • - WordPress
  • - CakePHP
  • - YII2
  • - Larvel
  • - Ruby on Rails
  • - Sinatra
  • - Padrino
  • - Spring framework
  • - Hibernate
  • - Struts 2

Responsive Design for Wider Device Audience

A web app must not only look good but it should be responsive as well. Our developing team develops each project keeping speed in mind. Thus, our clients get solutions that are laced with the best features and extremely responsive. You will not lose any sales or customers due to lag, as our solutions respond quickly and seamlessly.

  • Multiple Device Size Covered
  • Featured with Bootstraped and Material Design
  • Faster loading Times with CDN
  • Transitions that Feels natural
Build & Deploy with CICD

Automated Integration & Deployment DevOps

Your team must be your valuable asset but sometimes human errors can end up costing us way more than we think. This is why our solutions are built using DevOps technology to reduce human assistance. This technology facilitates loops between operations and development teams making the deployment faster in production.

  • Automated Builds and Lint Check
  • Scan for Possible Vulnerabilities
  • Deploying to On-Premise or Cloud
With a modern framework

Even Better Performance

Performance is a basic necessity of every web application. The design must be responsive and all the features must work seamlessly to ensure a comprehensive browsing experience for customers. At Code Inbound we focus largely on performance, making each project the best we can. The solutions are tested and re-tested to ensure there is no lag.
Our in-house team will use it as a customer to test the performance of your solution. All of our projects are packed with power and will give you an excellent performance.

Using the Power of the Cloud

Auto Scale at Runtime

Web applications are designed to convert. We understand that your ultimate goal is to scale your business to the top. This is why we add all the necessary features you need to convert. The web application is optimized for both performance and scalability giving you a platform that you can trust. The applications are designed user-friendly making it easier for your customers to find and use your platform.

  • Scaling Strategies that Minimize Costs
  • Weighted Deployments for A/B Testing
  • Get Benifits of Service Scaling & Serverless Patterns

Smart strategy & excellent performance

Our tested process will bring productivity and efficiency to your business

Requirement Analysis

Our process begins with an analysis of your requirements. Our team will review your needs and business to devise a comprehensive plan personalized just for you. We understand your needs are unique, and so will our process.

Solution Planning

Once we have collected all the necessary information by analyzing it, we start planning a solution to meet your needs and requirements.

Application Design

Our services will cover both your front-end and back-end needs. You share the design you want, and our professional developers will create a roadmap to bring your vision to life.


The process doesn’t end at development. At Code Inbound, we want to ensure you get the best service. All designs we create are tested for quality to ensure the code is perfect at the backend, and the design seamless at the front.

QA (Quality Analysis)

Engage with the idea of really being there. Step Three: Imagine that a few more steps ahead there is a place where the path splits, where is goes off to the left and off to the right. Pause here for a few moments and have a think.


Once our designs and products surpass our expectations, we bring you in! You will get to see and test our work in real time. Once you are satisfied with the design, we make the delivery.


We are in it for the long term, and our relationship does not end at delivery. You can contact us anytime with queries and questions. Our support team will be there for you to help you with everything after the delivery.