Robo Dialer - An Automated Dialer for Better Conversions


A Popular Call Automation Solution for Businesses of all sizes.

Provide SME and Enterprises the Flexibility to Automate Outbound Voice Campaigns for Higher Efficiency and Better Conversions.

With RoboDialer , You can Create or Choose in-built Call Strategies to Achieve Higher Lead Conversion and Better Contact Center Utilization.

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Dialling Campaigns

Create outbound automated call campaigns.

Predictive Dialling

Choose a dialing strategy that offers better conversions.

Callback Scheduling

Let you agents schedule callbacks and our dialer do the rest.

Why Choose RoboDialer?

With Robo Dialer users can see how the system works right down and let admins create custom workflows that suit the business needs.

Blended Sessions

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Call Recordings

As part of the standard requirement, RoboDialer includes call recording functionality.

WebRTC Enabled

Equipped with latest technological features like WebRTC, results in improved Media Quality.

Custom Music

Dynamically add your media files for call-on-hold or call parking music for better user experience.

Multiple Campaigns

Manage Multiple outbound / Inbound campaigns

Contact Management

Dynamically assign a user to a particular Campaign.

Call Recording

Dynamically customize call recording workflows.

Dynamic IVR

Different IVRs for Different Campaigns.

ITSM Integration

Solution Includes Integration with ITSM.

Awesome Support

Our Products comes with dedicated support via email or phone.

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